"Oh my god a white girl showed her tits let's make sure she's ok!" Meanwhile who knows how many rape victims were dismissed, ignored, or treated as if they were responsible for their own victimization while they were wasting their efforts on this.

All they did hear was call attention to a photo that far fewer people… » 3/22/15 2:04pm 3/22/15 2:04pm

At this point, with what we see EVERY DAMN DAY now, all cops are complicit. They protect their own, allow each other to hide behind the shield, and harass citizens on a regular basis. When the mayor of New York called police out on their behavior, instead of responding like mature adults, they turned their backs » 3/21/15 10:10pm 3/21/15 10:10pm

To be fair, most sci-fi shows don't take good advantage of their premise in their first season since they're busy laying it out, and the show's efforts to do so were undermined by fox airing it out of order (If you watch it in the right order there is an entire macro-plot that develops in the background). » 3/20/15 5:07pm 3/20/15 5:07pm

This is an abusive relationship plain and simple. It's irresponsible as fuck to suggest keeping it together because of a "commitment" when he's clearly at his wit's end enough to write that letter.

I hate to be that person but if a man was doing all that stuff to a woman, everyone with any common sense would be… » 3/19/15 11:12pm 3/19/15 11:12pm

So basically this scum did the same exact thing Zoe Quinn did (abuse the DCMA and a copyright takedown process to fraudelently silence a critic), but when the violator isn't kotaku's favorite social justice soapbox it gets a full article dealing the ins and outs of the project? » 3/19/15 9:06pm 3/19/15 9:06pm

Not really. You're in public view. If someone can see you (Even the cops) assume they can record you, since they have the right to. At least they have to physically be there in this case to record you, so in that way it's no more surveillance than old fashioned "observe and report" except that it keeps all parties… » 3/16/15 7:08pm 3/16/15 7:08pm

You think you're so clever because you ran to wikipedia to tell everyone something they already knew. Contrary to your belief though, the BBC does not just make money off of license fees. It makes money off of Top Gear merchandise, Top Gear appearances, and foreign licensing through subsidiaries like BBC america and… » 3/15/15 7:24am 3/15/15 7:24am

Hmm... seeing as how there's never been any actual scientific basis for people being "desensitized" to violent acts through videos and videogames, only the anecdotal harping of nutjobs running alarmist parent groups, I'm not all that concerned. » 3/11/15 7:22pm 3/11/15 7:22pm

I'm going to be honest... I used to be in this camp. I'm not any more though. I can't think of the last time I actually bought or swapped out a battery for a phone, and really, did you? Used to be that you had to swap batteries to get a full day of use but between the ubiquity of USB chargers and the long-ass… » 3/01/15 3:23pm 3/01/15 3:23pm

All this supposition, theory, research onto why he can or can't make it... Honestly, why does it matter? We know he was extremely close. He can't be there. He says he can't be there because of an obligation. How does it matter whether that's true or not? Even if it's not, it's his life, his feelings... who the… » 2/28/15 7:01pm 2/28/15 7:01pm

Can't be surprised by this. In the Asian market it's a lot more accepted, to the extent that while we're sitting here saying "oh thank god no microtransactions" they questions asked in those markets are "why can't we buy boosts/costumes/etc?"

What concerns me is that these things tend not to stay separate. If it… » 2/21/15 1:28pm 2/21/15 1:28pm

With a comment this stupid (your stomach has things that "nature" doesn't, and it's actually been proven that this rumor is false), I'm guessing you're one of those idiots who won't vaccinate your kids because you're afraid they'll catch autism. » 2/15/15 1:47am 2/15/15 1:47am